#119 – Subbing in the Library

I spent some time in February substituting in a High School Library. It was fun to be around the students again, and after a short re-learning curve panic, I remembered everything I needed to know about all the computer programs the kids were using as well as the library software I had to use to check out books. I had a few minutes now and then to doodle, and these are the sketches I did whenever I could fit them into my day.

subbing in the library

iPad Art #118

Here are a couple of sketches I did on my iPad. I think I used the Procreate app. and a stylus. I sketched these quickly from photos I took. I kind of feel like it was cheating because I used layers over the photo to trace the lines of the sketch. However, this was a good activity to see how the lines reflect the picture. I enjoyed flipping back and forth from the picture to the drawing and comparing the two. It helped me with getting the proper sizes and perspectives in the drawings.

IMG_0596 IMG_0598

Da Vinci #117

I have heard that one of the best ways to learn is to copy the masters. So, I chose one of Leonardo DaVinci’s female head sketches and tried to copy that. I really did learn a lot by doing this exercise. Looking carefully at the work of the masters is truly a wonderful lesson. I need much, much more practice, and thank goodness there are multitudes of master artists to learn from. I can’t wait to try another!