iPad Art #118

Here are a couple of sketches I did on my iPad. I think I used the Procreate app. and a stylus. I sketched these quickly from photos I took. I kind of feel like it was cheating because I used layers over the photo to trace the lines of the sketch. However, this was a good activity to see how the lines reflect the picture. I enjoyed flipping back and forth from the picture to the drawing and comparing the two. It helped me with getting the proper sizes and perspectives in the drawings.

IMG_0596 IMG_0598


Da Vinci #117

I have heard that one of the best ways to learn is to copy the masters. So, I chose one of Leonardo DaVinci’s female head sketches and tried to copy that. I really did learn a lot by doing this exercise. Looking carefully at the work of the masters is truly a wonderful lesson. I need much, much more practice, and thank goodness there are multitudes of master artists to learn from. I can’t wait to try another!


Petroglyphs #115

In January we took a little trip to Ridgecrest CA. There’s not much there except for a military base and a big desert! I visited the little museum and discovered these recreations of petroglyphs from the Coso Mountains. They do have tours to the actual petroglyphs, but they must be escorted by military personnel since they are actually on the base, and they didn’t begin the tours until a month after we visited. Oh well…the museum was cool.