I’m the best!

Here’s some wonderful inspiration from Danny Gregory…

Danny Gregory

Maybe I’m not the best writer.

Maybe I’m not the best artist.

Maybe I’m not the best thinker.

But I am supremely qualified to do at least one thing. Here’s my superpower:

I’m the best person to write what I think.

I’m the best person to draw the world through my eyes.

I’m the best person to express my point of view, my experiences, my mistakes, my shortcomings, my strengths.

When I compare myself with others and what they make, when I think, ‘Oh, I could never do that!’, it’s easy to forget my superpower.

And if I do, I won’t express myself — and no one else will.

And even if they were to try, they couldn’t to do it as well as I could. So, it’s up to me.

Learn from others, but don’t wish to be them. We all have unique ways of seeing the world. And we all have…

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#119 – Subbing in the Library

I spent some time in February substituting in a High School Library. It was fun to be around the students again, and after a short re-learning curve panic, I remembered everything I needed to know about all the computer programs the kids were using as well as the library software I had to use to check out books. I had a few minutes now and then to doodle, and these are the sketches I did whenever I could fit them into my day.

subbing in the library