#93 – Antique Pins

Here’s part of a collection of very old pins that I inherited from my father. I sketched these in Andrea Joseph’s style using primarily ballpoint pens, and adding shading with colored pencil. This is addicting! I wanted to keep adding pins, but eventually had to stop drawing so I could turn in my homework.



#92 – Pangrams

Andrea Joseph demonstrated a handwriting style we can use in our sketchbooks. This is my first practice page do Pangrams, sentences that contain every letter in the alphabet. As you can see, I need a lot more practice!


#91 – Ballpoint Pen

I did this entire page using just a ballpoint pen. This is another assignment from Sketchbook Skool, this time from Andrea Joseph, who does absolutely amazing work with her ballpoint pens. (Here’s Andrea’s blog: http://andreajoseph24.blogspot.com)
This is only the second time I’ve tried sketching with a ballpoint pen, and I must say, it was really fun!


#89 – Bluejay

Cathy Johnson was our teacher last week for Sketchbook Skool. A wonderful nature artist, she gave us some tips and ideas about drawing in nature. One of our assignments was to draw a bird. The bluejay will always be special to us, because after watching one on a camping trip to Big Sur, my son said his first word, “bird”.