#62 – Farmers Market

My son and I spent a lovely afternoon at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles last weekend, and after lunch at Short Stop, we strolled the market where I took lots of photos of fruits and veggies. When I came home, I sketched some of them in pencil, then went over those lines with ink, and finally used watercolor. I used the grid layout technique taught by Jane LaFazio in Sketchbook Skool for this sketch.

I apologize for cutting off the top of the photo. My two page layout wouldn’t fit in my scanner!



#60 – Rainbow Forest

As part of Sketchbook Skool homework, I was playing with my watercolors. I started by laying down a wet wash of yellow, then proceeded to drop in every other color I had in my palette. Next, still playing, I spritzed it with water, which made it quite wet and the paint started dribbling down the page. I kind of liked what it was doing, and guided the drips a little by adding more water and blowing on the paint. After the first “tree” appeared, I repeated the process a few more times, and found my big trees. Next I laid in the distant background trees using the same technique. Next, still using only watercolor, I added the washes and foreground details. Lastly, I picked up my brown Pitt pen and followed the lines the paint made, to create my rainbow forest. It is something I’ve never done before, and it was fun!