#101 – Pt. Vicente Lighthouse

Drawn from a photo I took of Pt. Vicente Lighthouse in Palos Verdes, CA. We visited there a few years ago, and joked that this would be the location of our family compound. You know, like the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts. We’d be perched above the beautiful Pacific Ocean watching the whales migrate and the Dolphins playing in the surf.

Back to reality…the lighthouse is a bit wonky, but I like the cliffs and the shoreline. I’m trying to be a bit less detail oriented in my sketches, but as they say, practice makes perfect (well at least it shows improvement over time.) I’ve got a long way to go.



#100 – World Wide Coffee Day

Although I don’t usually drink coffee (never acquired a taste for it), I recently found myself in Starbucks. I brought all my drawing tools with me fully intending to sketch some of the folks with their computers and coffee. Instead, I focused on this poster of the Starbuck’s Mermaid, and before I knew it, she had appeared in my sketchbook. I did this with my Lamy Safari and the Lamy blue ink that comes with the pen.


#99 – Chiminea

This little chiminea has sat outside in my garden for years. Even though I’ve never built a fire in it, I enjoy looking at it.

This is my first try using the Pentel Ink Brush. It is a completely different style than what I usually do, but I think I like it! After I sketched with the brush I used Watercolors to color it a bit.


#95 – Little Church

While driving in Huntington Beach one day, we came upon this pretty little church. We had passed it once on a previous trip, and I always though I’d like to sketch it so, this time I took a few photos and sketched it when I got home. I used Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher in my Lamy Safari and discovered that although I love the color, it is NOT waterproof. I’m still happy with the result though.