Art Journal # 23 – Best Friends

This is a real stretch for me. I saw a poster similar to this on the Internet, and really liked it. Then I decided that I need to break out of my mold of pencil sketching, followed by inking and finally watercolor. So this time I began with the watercolor, then tried to make something of it with the ink pens. I really didn’t get the faces at all, and the gal on the left is rather misshapen, but I decided to post it anyway. After all, I am just learning, and “Done is better than perfect” (Koosje Koene) . Despite this very rough sketch, I’m learning something new everyday, even if it is what not to do next time.



Art Journal #22 – My Teapot

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. I used to make it by the cup in the microwave, then I remembered this little teapot that was sitting on my kitchen shelf. I got it down, washed it, and have been using it daily ever since. Now I boil the water for tea in my whistling tea kettle on the stove. Maybe someday I’ll draw that too.


Art Journal #21 – Bananas

I took a day off yesterday to put all my drawings in a journal. I had a couple journals going and finally decided to incorporate everything into one, so I can have a record of my progress in chronological order.

Today, I decided to go organic, and draw some bananas. I seem to find myself wanting to add more and more details. Sometimes I just don’t know when to quit. I’m also discovering that it is harder to draw from life than it is to draw from photos. I guess the key is practice, practice, practice!


Art Journal #20 – A Self Portrait???

My cousin was cleaning out her mom’s house and found an old photo of me when I was a very young child. She gave me the photo last weekend. I had never seen it before. I decided to try and sketch it and this is the result. I used a Micron pen and watercolors. My question is…does this count as a self portrait?


Art Journal #17 – The Train Station

I remember taking my Grandma to this train station many years ago while it was still a working station. Now it is a small train museum. I used a .005 fine line Micron pen for this drawing. I began with a photo, then I sketched it with a pencil, and finally added the pen for details, shading and crosshatching. This was my first drawing with the fine line pen.