Meeting Maggie Righetti

I woke up this morning and began working on Angie’s double-knit scarf. This is my first experience with double knitting, and I’m halving fun with it. My two colors are navy blue and gold and I’m using Fibonacci numbers to help me make the stripes look nice. I’m pleased so far, except for the sides of the scarf. Some are rather loose, so I’m thinking that I may do an edging around the slides. I haven’t decided yet if I will crochet, or knit the edging. I’ll probably try both, then decide which one I like better.


Around noon, I trekked to my last stop this year for the yarn crawl. I drove to Phebie’s Needleart, where I was very fortunate to meet Maggie Righetti, author of  Knitting in Plain English, Sweaters in Plain English, and Crocheting in Plain English. I brought the first two of the aforementioned books with me, and bought the last one at Phebie’s. My excitement in meeting Maggie stems from the fact that it was her books that helped me get back into knitting after raising my children. I decided I wanted to learn how to knit “correctly” and picked up Knitting in Plain English as my “teacher”. I love Maggie’s writing style. It is as if she is sitting next to you talking in a very down to earth way. Speaking with her yesterday, I felt the same warmth and caring she displays in her very helpful books. I’m on cloud nine!