More Awesome Flying Sketchbooks #113

Two more entries into sketchbooks from around the world. One went to the US and the other went to Spain.AFJ Sherry Awdish CA Poppies 1Anina AFS Spain (1)


3 thoughts on “More Awesome Flying Sketchbooks #113

    • Thanks for your kind words Karen. Here’s the story behind the sketchbooks. I took Koosje Koene’s online class, Awesome Are Journals, and about 30 members of that class decided to purchase small sketchbooks and circulate them round robin style to every other member of the group so that at the end of the journey we would each have sketches in our books from everyone else in the group. It has been a fabulous experience and so far my book has traveled from the U.S. to Great Britain, Amsterdam, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Italy and Sweden. The books will be traveling for a while yet, so the journey is far from complete. This experience is bringing the world together one drawing at a time!

      • What a great idea, like the small collaboration one that I am doing, but on a much bigger scale. It is so nice to see real drawings by those we follow online and a great keep sake. Karen

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