#73 – Awesome Earth Journal (1)

A group of 36 of us who all took Koosje Koene’s Awesome Art Journaling online class decided to try an experiment where each of us would purchase a small journal and in round-robin fashion send our journals around the world for everyone else to draw in! This has been a fantastic experience so far, and I’ve been able to follow my journal to the UK and Turkey, and I’ve drawn in journals from New Jersey, USA, and the Netherlands. We are all interested in drawing and sketching. Some of us are accomplished artists, and some, like myself have only been sketching for about a year. This group of folks is a wonderful, supportive group of like-minded people from all over the world. I won’t get my own journal back for over a year, so it will be a wonderful surprise to get it back with all the wonderful artwork inside. In the meantime, I’ll keep sketching in other people’s books. Unfortunately, the only record I will have of my traveling sketches will be digital copies of the original work.

Here’s the first page from my awesome flying sketchbook:



2 thoughts on “#73 – Awesome Earth Journal (1)

  1. Wow, that sounds like a really fun project to be involved with! Love your blog, always fun to look at other people’s art journals 🙂

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