#45 – Colored Pencil

I have made a couple of half hearted attempts to use colored pencils, but I’m still struggling with them. The online class I’m taking now is giving pointers on how to use them, so I’m hoping that with a lot more practice I will learn to love working with them. And yes, for those of you who have followed my blog for a while, below is the tea kettle I promised way back in post #22.

Here are three exercises I did for the class…





2 thoughts on “#45 – Colored Pencil

  1. Thanks for sharing this.
    I recently started experimenting with watercolour pencils again after years of neglect – and I’m really rusty!

    What online class are you taking if you don’tmind me asking?

    • I’m taking Koosje Koene’s online class, Just Draw It. We’re in week three now, but I think she will have the class again in the future. I’m also enrolled in Sketchbook Skool with Danny Gregory, Koosje, and several other talented artists. That class just started today, so maybe you can still join. I hope this helps.

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