Exeter Murals & An Act of Kindness

Citrus grove mural photo

Citrus Grove Mural, Exeter CA

Talk about creativity! This small town in central California has over twenty murals painted on the sides of their downtown buildings. What an amazing feat. The curator of the cultural center there told us that these murals have saved their little town. It is now a stop on the way to or from Sequoia National Park for visitors from around the world. The art depicts scenes from the local area throughout the years. Here are a couple more of the murals:

Poppies and Lupine mural photo

Poppies and Lupine

Mountains with detail photo

Mountains with Detail Photos

We spent a delightful time wandering the streets looking for the murals, and stopped for lunch at a  great restaurant too!

One person in Exeter also helped me to restore my faith in human kindness. Shortly after we arrived, I pulled my camera out of my pocket to photograph a mural when unbeknownst to me, I also pulled out my credit card, and it flitted to the ground. A shopkeeper nearby stopped us as we walked by her shop and told us it looked like we had dropped something, and sure enough, when we returned, we found the credit card sitting there on the sidewalk. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! Needless to say, before we left town, we made sure we bought something from that wonderful woman.

If you’re ever near Exeter, CA, be sure to stop by…it is a real treat.


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