Building Blocks 4, 5 & 6

Building Block #4 photo

Building Block #4

Block four reminds me of a fleur de lis pattern. This pattern introduced the skill of decreasing  by using knit 2 together (k2tog) for a right leaning decrease, and knit 2 together through the back loop (k2tog tbl) for a left leaning decrease. This was a good review, and easy to knit.

Building Block #5 photo

Building Block #5

Oh my, I do love cables. Remember, if you hold the cable needle in the back, the left side of the cable will cross over the right. If you hold the cable needle in the front, the right side will cross over the left. I loved Michelle Hunter’s phrase, “I’ll be right back.” to help remember that to cross left OVER RIGHT you keep the cable needle in the BACK. The center cable is one I had never made before and is knitted by first doing a cable back stitch, then a cable front stitch. In this case it was made over 12 stitches, so the first six were cable back, and the second six were cable front. I like the look.

Building Block #6 photo

Building Block #6

Building Block #6 Close-up photo

Building Block #6 Close-up

The right twist stitch (RT) used in block six are very pretty, and fun to knit. And to top it off, they are really easy to make! Here’s the stitch: Knit two stitches together, leaving them on the left needle, then go back and knit the first stitch again and move both stitches from the left to the right needle. Purl the even rows. You will have to knit one stitch at the beginning and end of each repeat every other row to get the spiral effect.  (Cast on 6 sts. Row 1 : RT  3 x, Rows 2 & 4: Purl, Row 3: K1, RT 2x, K1) I hope that makes sense. Here’s a video that explains it all: Knit Purl Hunter/ Right Twist Video

I also like the variation that Michelle Hunter did with the stockinette stitch. It is called the Fleck Stitch, and all you do is add a K, P row instead of K every fourth row. It breaks up the stockinette and I think it adds a lot of interest and texture.

Have you used any of these stitches in your projects? I’d love to hear about it.


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