My Very Sad-looking Shawl Pin Prototype

I needed something else to occupy my creative urges, so I decided to try jewelry making. Well, actually not jewelry, but a shawl pin made of wire and beads. Now please understand, I have absolutely no experience. Just a cheap pack of tools I got from JoAnn’s, some 12 gauge copper wire I had to strip myself from the hardware store and a zip lock bag of supplies someone had given me, and an idea.

First off, I drew a rough sketch of my intended pin.

Shawl Pin sketch photo

Shawl Pin Sketch

That sat in my idea book for about three weeks, then last week I went out to find my wire. I was looking for 12 gauge bare copper and aluminum wire. I looked at my local big box stores, and neither one had bare wire, so I settled for the coated copper wire they had. I brought it home, and it sat for another week. This morning I cleaned off my workspace, and began cutting and pulling the plastic coating off the wire. Of course, I marked the wire all up with the wire cutter and pliers I was using, but I figured it was okay because after all, this is just the prototype.

After I got the wire cleaned up and cut, I searched my bead stash (the zip lock bag full of supplies) only to discover that I didn’t have any beads with holes big enough for this size wire. I didn’t want to go out and look for beads this morning, so decided to make a bead with some of the gold-colored wire that came in my stash bag. (I know, copper and gold?) So, I twisted and turned the wire until it approximated the size bead I wanted, and pushed it up to the center of the wire.

Next, I proceeded to twist and turn the large copper wire to the shape I wanted. Oh my, my wire is so crinkled now! I’m sure there must be a way to bend the wire without all the wrinkles, but I guess I’ll need to do some more research on that before I try prototype #2.

I finally bent the wire into my desired shape, and filed the wire ends with sandpaper so they wouldn’t poke the wearer.

S0….here’s the big reveal…

Shawl Pin Prototype photo

Shawl Pin Prototype

And here it is in a shawl…Shawl Pin in Shawl photoThe good news is, it holds the shawl closed really well, and doesn’t’ have any pointy ends sticking you!

If anyone has any suggestions about how to improve my wire technique, I’m all ears!

Happy Crafting!


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