Building Blocks Afghan #2

Building Blocks Afghan #2 photo

Block #2 of Building Blocks Afghan

Block #2 Close-up photo

Block #2 Close-up

Block #2 of the Building Blocks Afghan focused on reading a simple knitting pattern chart.

(Please understand that I take photos of my blocks immediately after I finish knitting them.  Therefore they have not been blocked yet, and are still a bit rough. After I  block them they will look much nicer and neater.)

The pattern makes what I think look like interlinking hearts. This block’s pattern alone would be great for a wedding afghan, anniversary gift, or even a baby blanket. I think if I made one of  those afghans, I would not make individual blocks, but rather, an overall pattern repeating the block pattern  for the entire afghan. But, back to Block #2.

The instructions for this block explain very clearly how to read a charted knitting pattern, something I didn’t learn to do until I had been knitting for well over twenty years. Had I begun my knitting adventures with this  afghan I would have had that skill in my back pocket for the rest of my knitting years. As an experienced knitter, the pattern-reading lesson was a great review. As in the first block, this new skill is clearly explained in the author’s video Charts.

On to Block #3…


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