Creativity and Cooking

Apple turnover photo

My first attempt at an apple turnover

Okay, I’m the first to admit it. I am not a cook. Sure I can throw together a few things and make a decent dinner, but do I enjoy it? Is it a creative outlet for me? Well…no. I’ve always felt that if I am going to spend a great deal of time making something, I want it to last a while. Food? Around my house I’m lucky if dinner lasts half an hour, cookies or other desserts? Five minutes, tops.

Once in a while, I find a recipe that inspires me to actually cook it, instead of just throwing a few ingredients together at the last-minute (read…anything that takes more than half an hour to prepare). And now, I’ve found a whole website that teaches me how to cook, and even has videos showing how food should look while it is cooking!

Today I made Apple Turnovers. And when I say I made them, I mean from scratch! No store-bought pie crust or canned  apple pie filling for me. No sir! Thanks to Chef John, I made homemade butter crust pie dough and pie filling with real apples. It took me about 3 hours to get everything together, but the turnovers are cooling on the rack as I’m writing this, and they smell fabulous. I may not be able to wait for dessert tonight to taste one.

Thank you Chef John  and! Now I actually know when the butter is browned enough, or the dough is spongy enough, or the timing is right. If you haven’t already visited, be sure and do so. Each recipe is fully videotaped, and shows clear, step-by-step instructions and includes ingredient lists. Chef John is educational and entertaining, and I have learned a great deal from his website and YouTube channel:

If you like to cook, or like me, are trying to learn to like to cook, Chef John is a good bet!


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