Double-Knit Scarf

Yellow double-knit scarf photo

The yellow side of my double-knit scarf.

Blue double-knit scarf photo

The navy blue side of my double-knit scarf.

This is my very first attempt at double-knitting. I began my adventure by watching four very good video tutorials by LoTekMa on YouTube. ( The tutorials gave me the confidence to begin my project and covered casting on, color changes, and binding off. I used the two-handed method for holding my yarn with one color in my left hand for knitting, and the other color in my right hand for purling. I quickly discovered that my tension for knits and purls were not very even, but with practice, I think I can improve that technique. I also had some problems at the edges with my color changes (all my own fault, those mistakes were gone by the time I finished–I guess practice makes perfect). Since this was my first double-knit project I was willing to forego perfection in pursuit of learning a new technique. I also decided to use Fibonacci numbers to help me get a pleasing stripe pattern.

When I finished the scarf I wasn’t really pleased with some of the mistakes I made at the color changes, so I decided to finish off the scarf with a single row of single crochet all the way around. I decided to work that border in navy blue. That finishing touch made the scarf look complete .

All in all, I’m pleased with the results of my very first try at double knitting.


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