LA Yarn Crawl

LA freeway traffic

Sitting in traffic

10, 605, 91, 405, 105, 101, 134, 210…. What? ….Those are all the freeways I drove yesterday on the L. A. Yarn Crawl. Aside from the lousy L.A. freeway (parking lot) traffic, it was a great day. Knitters are the friendliest  people with a , “Hi, having fun?” or “Enjoy the rest of your day.” What fun to meet so many like minded, fiber loving folks. All the Local Yarn Shops were prepped and ready for knitters with all kinds of free goodies.

Oh yes,  I bought a few items too. At one shop, while I was browsing, a sales clerk asked if I needed any help, and I told her I just needed to decide if the  item was something I needed, or something I wanted. Wanted won. And since, after all it was the Yarn Crawl, and one of the purposes for the crawl is to support our LYSs, of course the item came home with me! (I’m a really good rationalizer.)


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