#81 – Selfie (1)

This week’s assignment for Sketchbook Skool comes from Koosje Koene. She showed us her wonderful sketchbook full of selfies, then gave us some pointers about how to draw them, and finally turned us loose to practice. Here’s my first one, done with colored pencil sitting in front of a mirror.

Who is that serious, severe, scary person looking back at me from that mirror? My husband says it looks a bit like me after a very bad day at work before I retired!


#80 – Ashford Loom

As part of Sketchbook Skool semester 2, Danny Gregory showed us how to combine a fast and slow sketch in one drawing. The idea is to use watercolor and a large brush to quickly sketch an item in a minute or less, then to go back in with ink and draw the details, really seeing what is there for about thirty minutes or so.

I had a lot of fun with this, and I don’t know if the freedom of the fast sketch or Danny Gregory’s encouragement allowed me to pick up my pen and draw, without even thinking of using a pencil first. That is a real first for me.


#78 – The Pier

One of our Summer Skool assignments for Sketchbook Skool was to draw water. My choice was the ocean, from the end of the Huntington Beach Pier. I sketched this from a photo I took, and yes, the seagull was right there in the photo too!

Unfortunately, my scanner didn’t pick up hardly any of the blues, so the actual image has blue skies, and a blue-green ocean.