#99 – Chiminea

This little chiminea has sat outside in my garden for years. Even though I’ve never built a fire in it, I enjoy looking at it.

This is my first try using the Pentel Ink Brush. It is a completely different style than what I usually do, but I think I like it! After I sketched with the brush I used Watercolors to color it a bit.


#95 – Little Church

While driving in Huntington Beach one day, we came upon this pretty little church. We had passed it once on a previous trip, and I always though I’d like to sketch it so, this time I took a few photos and sketched it when I got home. I used Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher in my Lamy Safari and discovered that although I love the color, it is NOT waterproof. I’m still happy with the result though.


#94 – Pepper Mill

This is an exercise from Sketchbook Skool from teacher Liz Steel. She showed us how her architectural skills help her in drawing. She demonstrated one of her famous teacup sketches. I couldn’t find a teacup, so I sketched this pepper mill instead. It was given to me by my Great Aunt Eva and it has a matching salt shaker.


#93 – Antique Pins

Here’s part of a collection of very old pins that I inherited from my father. I sketched these in Andrea Joseph’s style using primarily ballpoint pens, and adding shading with colored pencil. This is addicting! I wanted to keep adding pins, but eventually had to stop drawing so I could turn in my homework.